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PrinttixUSA Circuit-Wide License for TVS Internet Ticketing Solution

PrinttixUSA Circuit-Wide License for TVS Internet Ticketing Solution

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Your customized PrintTixUSA ticketing engine “template,” or “skin,” is designed by our experts to appear just like your web site. To buy tickets, patrons start at your normal web URL (for example, www.mysite.com) and then click on a button or menu option that you provide for buying tickets. That links directly to a page in the ticketing engine which is formatted to look as if it was still your web site. It’s so close to identical that, when opened in the same browser window, most patrons will never realize that they’ve switched from your server to ours. At the end of the transaction, patrons are directed right back to your site. It’s totally seamless from start to finish. Our servers do all the hard stuff, from building the transaction to the secure checkout form and generating the final print-at-home ticket for the patron to bring in for the show. Each ticket is assigned a photocopy-proof bar code number and can only be used once. You scan the each ticket at the door to verify its validity, and the patron walks right into the show, hassle free. Tickets may be printed out of displayed on a mobile device screen for entry. Using a POS integration allows your ticket counts to be updated totally automatically, with the PrintTixUSA ticketing engine selling from the exact same pool of tickets that your box office ticket sellers sell from. This prevents shows from overselling, and makes total sales instantly visible all in one place. The PrintTixUSA technology is directly integrated with several powerful POS ticketing systems, including Sensible Cinema Software.

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