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Sensible Cinema Box Office for Windows Server Software (1 unit required per theatre site)
Sensible Cinema Software

Sensible Cinema Box Office for Windows Server Software (1 unit required per theatre site)

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SENSIBLE MANAGER (1 required per theatre site) Sensible Cinema Box Office for Windows Manager/Server ("Sensible Manager") software is the backbone to your Sensible Cinema point-of-sale system. One of these is required at each site you install. This product has a one time licensing fee. No additional monthly or yearly licensing is charged. Sensible Manager can run on a dedicated server, a shared manager computer or peer-to-peer on a capable POS terminal. It can also run standalone with a Sensible Terminal in the smallest of operations. Sensible Server/Manager combines the configuration of basic things like concession items and ticket prices, with setup for your movies, showtimes and ticket categories and all of the reports necessary for your theatre operation. Includes: -Sensible Manager Software -Database Utility -Sign Info Generator to export data to signage software -TMS/LMS exporter for GDC/Christie/Dolby/Cinedigm -1 year included live support -Product updates for 1 year -Backup capability -Rentrak Gross Reporting -200 page bound/printed user guide -Web access to updates, full installers, white papers, drivers, etc. Features: -Ticketing for up to 30 movies per day -Ticketing for up to 10 showtimes per screen -10K Concession items (120 buttons/9880 PLU Items) -Concession Modifiers -Drive-In Mode (Car Counts, Car Ticket, etc., Second Feature Support) -Rentrak Reporting -Reports Accepted by All Studios -Integrated Credit Card Sales with Secure Device Support -Gift and Loyalty Support -E2EE, NFC, Apple Pay, Google Wallet Now and EMV Support in Late 2015 System Requirements: -Pentium 4 or faster CPU at 1.0 GHz or faster, Dual-Core or Quad Core Recommended -100 Mbps Wired Ethernet Connection or Faster -Windows 7 Professional, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or Windows Server 2003 or Later -2 GB RAM (4 GB RAM Recommended) -160 GB HDD Recommended Recommended: -UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for network switch and server -Backup Software, Device or Subscription -Windows Security Essentials or Windows Defender (Win8 & Win 10)


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